The Ultimate EarthBound fan forum
Loads of great video game music and remixes in MIDI form
Here you can download hundreds of Mario fangames for free. Some of these games rival the official releases from Nintendo.
Powder Game. One of my favorites. Place different elements and watch how they interact! (BTW, you can see my creations using the search feature. Set the "period" to "All" using the dropdown menu, then type "4Birdhouse" into the search bar then hit search.)
Best place to download game r0ms
Developer interviews with Satoru Iwata - the programmer who brought you Balloon Fight, EarthBound, Pokémon GSC, and Super Smash Bros. Melee
Writeups and reviews on free physics-based games like Phun, Neko Fight, Toribash, Sumotori Dreams, and more!
Homepage of Noctis IV - the free space exploration game
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