In the Earth year "1995 AD", all of human knowledge and history was poured into something called a "compact disc".

We found one floating around in space, but we're not totally sure how to use it yet...

Building upon Your Sanctuary's codebase, All We Know samples the thousands of images and sounds included in Microsoft's Encarta '95 Encyclopedia to create ever-changing abstract art.

Recontextualized as the surviving artifact of a race of beings called "Humans", and viewed through the lens of a future civilization equipped with a busted CD drive, All We Know retells "The Story of Us".

To complement its visuals, All We Know will sample audio from Encarta's many hours of world music, historical speeches, and animal sounds to sing "Songs From Earth" with the graceful elegance of a skipping record.



There's this new wifi hotspot that just popped up.

It's called "SAVE POINT".

Doesn't look like there's a password.

I'm gonna try to connect.

Equal parts sacred altar and technological marvel, Save Point serves a locally-hosted message board exclusively accessible by those within wifi range.

Once connected, users can compose a message for future visitors to read or study the sacred writings of Those Who Came Before.

For each actively connected user, an orange flame will appear on-screen, alerting the piece's owner of the supernatural presence in the room.

If that user leaves a message, their flame will turn blue, lingering for 24 hours before fading away.

Included: one pair of ceremonial gloves for use in the ancient ritual of "Flipping the Router Over to Get the Admin Password".


Planned Obsolescence is a modular soundscape generator that loads waveforms from 3.25" floppy disks. Each disk (included) comes packed to capacity with an eclectic mix of audio samples, allowing users to select the perfect mood for any occasion.

Katyrose Jordan (lead singer, flautist, saxophonist for Seattle's Neo-Soul band i///u) will offer her musical expertise to the project, and I'll handle the code.

Beginning 5 years after the date of purchase, the device's dulcet tones will be replaced with pained screeching sounds — both as a statement on the ephemerality of all things, and to encourage the buyer to upgrade to Planned Obsolescence 2.


A proposal from Katyrose Jordan

Wyndow Vysions consists of three hand-painted computer monitors atop simple rectangular pedestals.

Surreal, dream-like designs will cover each monitor's casing and much of each screen, but leave a small window into the digital world, where a mixture of found footage and animation will create three distinct dreamscapes. The first piece, Foreign Native, will thematically explore my adoption from China and my early childhood on Whidbey Island. It will include themes of processing childhood experiences as an adult, cultural identity, and the perspective of an Asian American woman. The second, The Tree in Me, will explore the duality of living with depression and anxiety disorders (during many of my early teen years) yet simultaneously having so much goodness and richness in my life. Much of the symbolism of this piece will feature the natural world. The final piece, Sideways, will use “the city” as a metaphor for the hopeful unknown, the chaotic, and the exciting. It will represent the rhythms and pacing of my current life and what my life will become.

My hope for this series is that it is universally moving and accessible, despite it being an experience that is so uniquely mine.